Alpine Balsam

Reminiscent of walking through the woods smelling the crisp, fresh air with the richness of evergreens scenting your way.

Apple + Maple Bourbon

This mouthwatering scent is a wonderful twist on traditional apple spice aroma. Fill your home with baked apple pie with hints of bourbon and cinnamon.


Unique citrus blend with a touch of sweet aroma and the tartness of citrus spice.

Black Sea

The perfect blend of fresh ocean air with hints of aromatic cloves, cardamom, amber and more.

Cinnamon Delight

Wraps your home with the warmth of cinnamon with hints of clove, nutmeg, vanilla, and molasses.

Citrus + Watermint

This invigorating scent refreshes your home with hints of citrus and herbs (mint, basil, and chamomile) leaving you feeling revitalized.

Cranberry Woods

What a wonderful blend of the tartness of cranberries with the smell of evergreens outdoors.

Cucumber Melon

Clean and crisp fragrance blending fruity honeydew melon, watery cucumbers, and fresh green leaves.

Eucalyptus + Mint

This cool and soothing aroma clears your mind and uplifts your spirits. Perfect for creating a spa atmosphere at home.

Fraser Fir

Bring the outdoors in with this earthy and woodsy fragrance with just a hint of mild citrus and amber.

Fresh Cut Grass

One of nature’s summer scents, reminiscent of laying on freshly cut grass while spying shapes in the clouds.

Fresh Linen

Bathe in the clean scent of fresh linens drying in the morning breeze.

Ginger + Spice

Bring the holiday warmth into your home by lighting this ginger scented candle with hints of nutmeg, allspice, cinnamon, cloves and a dash of citrus and vanilla.

Hydrangea + Peach

Enjoy this perfect floral and fruity blend in welcoming the renewal of spring.

Lavender Vanilla

One breath of this scent brings a relaxing combination of lavender and buttery vanilla.

Pumpkin Caramel

Smells almost good enough to eat with scrumptious caramel and notes of butter, orange peel, maple, and pumpkin.

Sea Salt + Orchid

Reminisce about that relaxing beach vacation by lighting this candle of soft orchid and lily of the valley with an earthy sea salt undertone.

White Birch

Rich, woodsy fragrance with hints of birch, eucalyptus, pine, and smoke.

Winter Hearth

Cozy fragrance to relax and enjoy by the fireplace with tones of spices and evergreens.